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“Cheer Friend” will motivate runners with personalized voice messages

Uncategorized December 4, 2017


Finland-based marathon runners have developed an app named “Cheer Friend” which allows users to motivate runners by sending personal voice messages.

at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin another neat hack idea was introduced in the form of runner’s motivational app called “Cheer Friend”.

This app doesn’t need supporters to download an app in order to work — only the runner needs the app on their device. Then they share a link with their support group ahead of time — which lets friends and family record short voice messages to be delivered to them during the race.

Runners will need just a smartphone and a set of headphones, a mobile connected smartwatch and earbuds will also work to receive the messages.

Cheer Friend app is developed by a team of five semi-pro hackathon attendees who’ve flown in from Finland.

Presenter Tuomas Koskinen says the idea was inspired because members of the team are keen marathon runners and had used some existing support apps that translate text to speech which they felt just weren’t personal enough.

“When you are really pushing yourself in marathon you need something more human. The thing is you are there in a huge crowd of people and you don’t really know any of them because everybody’s running their own race and they are there for their own reasons. Especially amateur runners don’t have that personal support. That’s the main issue that drove us,” he says.

They’d hoped to  add was a runner-tracking map view to show supporters where they are in real time. Sadly they ran out of time for that — but Koskinen says they definitely want to keep working on the project he added.

The link of their website for app is cheerfriend.com.
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