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Western Digital Launches World’s First 14TB Hard Drive and Starts Shipping

Uncategorized October 12, 2017


Today where all the software and apps are getting complex and larger in size, its really a challenge to meet the massive demand of storage aspects.

Now, modern phones have storage capacities varying from 16 GB to a whopping 256 GB, but its not surprising anymore. In fact, 16 GB is extremely low for a modern phone, and a 256 GB phone would run out quick on devices that can record 4K footages.

There was the time when 1TB HDD had a reputation of gigantic HDD. What would be your reaction if we say soon 14TB HDD is going to hit market.

Yes you read is right!!

Western Digital has created the world’s first 14 TB hard drive, called the HGST Ultrastar Hs14. It’s technically sold by HGST, but the company is a Western Digital brand. The hard drive is only being sold to data centers and enterprise customers, though, so regular consumers won’t get a hold of this high-capacity drive from stores willy-Nilly.

Like many super-high-capacity spinning drives, this device is filled with helium. The atmosphere in an SSD doesn’t matter because there are no moving parts, but ensuring the platters in a spinning drive (7200RPM in this case) can move smoothly is essential in high-density data storage. Helium creates less drag on the platters than regular air, so drives like the HGST Ultrastar Hs14 are hermetically sealed and filled with an atmosphere of helium. HGST (which is part of Western Digital) calls this “HelioSeal” technology.

HGST says the drive consumes just 5.2W at idle and 6.2W during operation. That works out at 60 percent lower idle watts per TB than an 8TB air-filled drive. It’s available in SATA (6Gbps) and SAS (12Gbps) models, and has a claimed 2.5 million hours MTBF (mean time between failures).

“Over 70 percent of the exabytes Western Digital ships into the capacity enterprise segment are on helium-based high-capacity drives and continue to support customers with outstanding reliability, performance and value Quality of Service (QoS),” said Mark Grace, Western Digital’s senior vice president of devices. “The TCO and reliability benefits of our HelioSeal platform are the foundation of our leadership in high-capacity enterprise storage.”

This is the current leader WD when it comes to storing a large amount of data, but it might not be in the lead for long. Seagate has said it plans to launch a 16TB helium-filled drive in 2018. That could be followed up with a 20TB drive in 2020.
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