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Much awaited Google, Levi’s smart jacket finally going ON SALE!!

Uncategorized September 26, 2017


Google and Levi Strauss has partnered to make a smart jacket with fully loaded features. More then a year it was announce and two years after the demonstration was made public. Since then people were waiting for this jacket to hit the market and finally its here now.

This denim jacket branded as “Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket with Jacquard by Google” will cost $350, its the first product of 2 years long collaboration of these two giants started back in May 2015.  The idea of this collaboration was to make a pair of smart jeans using a newly designed fabric to transmit data and power without any wiring.

We wanted to make a garment, not a gadget,” says Ivan Poupyrev, the person in charge of Google’s side of the project. And working with Levi’s to create the manufacturing process for the jacket, I think he’s come a long way toward achieving that goal.

Talking about the features, this jacket has a tag which is actually a smart watch which lights in different colors and also vibrates when any new notification is arrived. When this jacket is wore the Jacquard automatically detects that you are wearing this jacked and sets up the phone on a sort of biking mode. It reads texts aloud either through the phone itself or through your headphones. It can be configured to only allow calls and texts from important people. You can also control the music and also set your favorite addresses like work or home. When you double tap it starts the navigation and tell the next direction to your destination.

The jacket is going on sale in a few boutique stores on the 27th and will be available in some Levi’s stores and on levi.com on October 2nd.
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