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Amazon mistakenly sends baby registry emails baby gift even to non-parents

Uncategorized September 20, 2017


What will you do if get an email notification from one of the world’s top-most e-commerce for a baby gift on the way for you even if you don’t have any child?

This happened on Tuesday, Amazon caught a handful of customers off guard  by sending emails informing them of purchases that were made from their baby registry. Surprisingly, Many of those receiving the email don’t have a baby registry or even plans to have a baby. Many email receivers thought it was a spam or a spoof email but the email sender was no-reply@amazon.com.

The email from the Amazon Baby Registry Team, informed recipients that “a gift is on its way” and invited recipients to check their Thank You List to keep track of gifts that had already been purchased for them.

Amazon addressed this as a “Technical Glitch” and said that this technical glitch caused this inadvertent baby gift alerts.

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused,” an Amazon spokesperson said, adding it will contact affected customers.

However, Amazon so far haven’t cleared how many customers received this false gift alert email.  
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