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Equifax executives out after consumer data breach

Uncategorized September 17, 2017


An Equifax hack exposing up to 143 million credit records; mobile malware (malicious software) that targets early versions of Android Oreo; and new “phishing” scams affecting WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger users.

The data theft, first reported last week, caused outrage among consumer advocates and lawmakers who demanded answers on how this hack happened. On Thursday, the Federal Trade Commission confirmed it had launched an investigation of the hack, and US Sen. Elizabeth Warren introduced a bill the same day that would prevent credit rating agencies from charging consumers for credit freezes.

Equifax Chief Security Officer “Susan Mauldin” and Chief Information Officer “David Webb “are retiring,” the credit reporting firm announced in a press release Friday, adding that the changes are “effective immediately.”

“Equifax’s internal investigation of this incident is still ongoing and the company continues to work closely with the FBI in its investigation,” the statement read.

Equifax previously said the company believes hackers infiltrated its systems through a software bug called Apache Struts. A patch for the problem was made available in March, and Equifax has said the hacking attack occurred in May, leading critics to question whether Equifax fixed the software bug in a timely manner.

“While Equifax fully understands the intense focus on patching efforts, the company’s review of the facts is still ongoing. The company will release additional information when available,” the company said in its statement Friday.
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